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Just Biz, Omaha Style

Small businesses power America. And in Nebraska, nearly 500 thousand people are employed by a small business. So it's essential to keep small businesses strong.

This podcast wants to assist with that mission. Join host, and fellow small business owner, Grant Dorhout each episode as he introduces you to small business owners across the Omaha, Nebraska, community.

Hear their stories. Understand their challenges. And learn from their successes.

If you have questions or want to be a guest, call: 402-281-0750 or visit

Mar 4, 2021

On today’s episode, we’re talking with Keighley and Branda, owners of Good Life Grooming, mobile grooming and wedding services for men. Find out why they started their new business, what they’ve learned and how social media has helped them grow.


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About our guest: 


What we discuss on this episode: 

2:15 – How Covid helped create their business

4:05 – Difficulties women-owned businesses have

4:49 – Using power tools to build the business

5:44 – How social media has helped them grow

8:05 – Something they’d change about their business

9:28 – Where they see their business in 5 years

12:02 – Proudest moment so far

13:32 – How they get new clients

15:15 – What advice they ignore

16:15 – Most influential person

17:39 – Why people think businesses fail

18:52 – Strong operating processes

20:19 – Marketing plan

22:55 – Best compliment

23:45 – How to contact Good Life Grooming